New Covid boosters headed to South Georgia

New Covid boosters headed to South Georgia.
New Covid boosters headed to South Georgia.(Pfizer via AP)
Published: Sep. 7, 2022 at 8:17 AM EDT
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COLQUITT COUNTY, Ga. (WCTV) - New Covid boosters recently approved by the FDA are already on the way to hospitals, including Colquitt Regional in South Georgia.

This comes just a week after both Pfizer and Moderna’s new boosters were approved, with the goal to fight off newer variants of the virus.

Assistant Vice President of Ancillary services, Matthew Clifton says the hospital anticipated this additional Covid booster roll out, so they’ve been preparing for this approval. Clifton says officials submitted an application for the new boosters to be shipped as soon as they got the green light from the FDA and should be available to the community soon.

“The more we continue to make modifications to it, that’s how viruses need to be handled. They need to be fought containing information that we have today, and not necessarily information that we had six months ago or a year ago,” Clifton said.

The new booster is similar to yearly flu shots and has been altered to include components from the newer Covid strains. Officials say as the virus evolves the vaccine needs to as well, and that continued evolution will result in less severe infection and eventually, fewer cases.

“I think the strategies they actually implemented toward the end when vaccinations became available have actually proven to be very effective. I think vaccines are one of the reasons we are where we are today in terms of people starting getting back to normal. Starting to feel a little more relaxed and walking around society,” said Clifton.

Although the hospital has not yet solidified how it will begin distributing the boosters once they’ve arrived, Clifton says the community can help keep cases down by being willing to get the new booster. He says the current recommendation will suggest getting the booster every six months, and then a yearly booster.

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