Contraband arrests made at several SWGA state prisons

Contraband arrests made at several SWGA state prisons
The arrests happened at several state prisons in southwest Georgia. (Source: Gray News)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - In November, several contraband arrests were made at different state prisons in southwest Georgia, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections.

The first happened on Nov. 11 at Dooly State Prison. Officials said security spotted one person on the facility grounds and another person in a vehicle near the facility. The Department of Corrections said the two unidentified men were arrested and taken to the Dooly County Jail.

The second, also at Dooly State Prison, happened on Nov. 15. Officials said “unidentified individuals” were spotted near the facility’s woodline.

“A search of the perimeter found multiple unopened packages wrapped in black bags,” officials said in a release. “The Dooly County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop near the facility, and three unidentified subjects were arrested and transported to the Dooly County Jail.”

Also on Nov. 15, a man was seen in the wooded area behind Autry State Prison.

The man, later identified as Darius Hester, was searched and found with “multiple bundles of contraband,” officials said.

Darius Hester
Darius Hester (Source: Mitchell County Sheriff's Office)

Hester was arrested and taken to the Mitchell County Jail.

The fourth happened on Sunday at Calhoun State Prison.

Officials said people were seen throwing items over the facility’s fence. Four people, later identified as Brendon Hudson, Dontavious Davis, Sequoia Herrington and Lakesha Herrington, were searched and found with contraband.

All four were arrested and taken to the Calhoun County Jail.

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