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Technology helps keep a tally on early voting

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Supervisor Frank Scoggins (Source: WALB) Supervisor Frank Scoggins (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)

Thomas County's elections office is staying up to date this campaign season with how many voters are walking through the door.

They say they've had a record number of voters, and this year it's easier than ever to keep up with the numbers thanks to a new technology system.

We're about halfway through early voting in South Georgia. The Thomas County Elections office has new technology that makes keeping track of voters much easier.

"We ran it in the primary, that was our beta test," said Elections Supervisor Frank Scoggins. 

And now it's being fully rolled out and used for this election. "That's made such a difference, I can tell you at the flip of a switch how many people have voted to this minute," Scoggins said.

The new technology allows them to see how many people have voted and where they are located within the county. It also allows them to see what days people are voting more frequently.

A record number of voters coming out early to place their vote; 5,000 people have already visited the polls.That's almost 20% of the Thomas County's 30,000 registered voters.

"It's been a very brisk one, we've anticipated the lines and kept those to a minimum and I've not had any unhappy voters as far as waiting so we're moving them through," Scoggins said.

There have been a few minor issues with voting. Scoggins says those have been addressed immediately and none of them has resulted in a wrong vote or no vote.

So here are some tips- make sure you are just using your finger to touch the screen. Also review the summary before you place your vote. It will tell you exactly who you picked allowing you to double check before submitting.

"If there is a doubt, please don't cast your ballot. Speak up immediately, and we can take care of it. We can avoid anything that I can imagine would come up."

Every county must offer voting this Saturday.

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