First Alert Weather

Building temperatures and rain free days last for the next week. Highs go from near 90 this afternoon to near 100 this weekend. Lows go from the mid 60s this morning to the mid 70s this weekend. Heat indices reach 100 mid week, 105 plus this weekend. First Alert Weather Days are being considered for

A few downpours possible Friday afternoon

Only a few pop up showers

First Alert Weather

Mostly dry and getting hotter

First Alert Forecast

Smooth sailing as temps rise

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First Alert Weather

Cooler, less muggy air sticks around for the next couple days

First Alert Weather

More showers & storms likely for parts of the area Monday

First Alert Weather

Several rounds of rain

First Alert Weather

Higher humidity Today translates to better rain chances. High temperatures reach near 90 degrees. An isolated shower/t-storm this afternoon turns to scattered activity this evening. Muggy morning continue with lows near 70 degrees, The following 2 afternoon continues to bring good chances of showers

Wetter weather is on the way

Rain likely before the end of the week

First Alert Weather

More humid Today with highs near 90 degrees. An isolated thunderstorm will be possible. Humidity levels will continue to rise. Rain chances return Friday. The best chance of showers and thunderstorms continues to be this weekend. Rain chances drop Monday. Drier and slightly cooler air arrives Tuesda

Warm/dry stretch continues

Rain returns before the weekend.

First Alert Weather

Staying dry but heating up

First Alert Weather

Dry and less humid to begin new workweek

Weekend rain with a few strong storms

First Alert Weather

More rain coming for the weekend

Rain chances hold through the weekend

First Alert Weather

Warm, humid with an isolated PM showers/t-storm Today. Scattered showers and thunderstorm are expected Friday afternoon and evening with an approaching Tropical Wave. A break in rain chances Saturday ramps back up Saturday night and lasts into Sunday. A weak cold front slides through and dries us ou

First Alert Weather

Warmth continues with more clouds Today. Increasingly more humid Thursday with a slight chance of PM thunderstorms. Rain chances rise to the likely side by Friday. This weekend call for scattered showers and thunderstorms. A weak cold front dries us out early next week with more seasonable temperatu

More active weather late week

Dry stretch coming to an end

First Alert Weather

Heat and humidity has highs in the upper 80s and low in the middle 60s right into Saturday. Scattered showers and thunderstorms come Friday PM with a Tropical Wave coming in from the Florida Peninsula. A weakening front stalls Sunday and brings the best rain chances. Temperatures remain above averag

Tranquil but unseasonably warm

Warm and mostly dry this week

First Alert Weather

Heating up this afternoon to near 90 degrees under full sun. Humidity levels rise Tuesday and temperatures remain above average. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the mid 60s last right into the weekend under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. Slight

Lots of sun with a touch of summer

Staying dry and warming up

First Alert Weather

Clear skies overnight will again maximize radational cooling. Lows fall to near 50 degrees. We warm to the middle 80s Sunday and near 90 Monday with tons of sun. Humidity will be on the rise Tuesday and that brings some clouds and milder starts. Heat & humidity will make it feel a lot like summer th

An awesome weekend!

Delightful through the weekend

First Alert Weather

Early Morning Fog ends with a Breezy and clearing Today & highs just around 80 degrees. A very cool start to the weekend and then comfortable with highs near 80 and tons of sun. A couple degrees warmer Sunday. Hotter, more humid weather takes over next week. Slight rain chances come at the end of th

Overnight rain but no storms SWGA

No storms but rain continues

First Alert Weather

A comfy start warming into the middle 80s with building clouds Today. Showers and storms move-in from the west Tonight and end by tomorrow morning. Some of those storms could turn strong. A few showers are possible into the middle of Friday. It will also be breezy with drier and cooler air funneling

First Alert Weather

High clouds and warm temperatures are expected Today and again Tomorrow. Rain chances will be on the rise Thursday night and peaks in the overnight hours into the early morning hours Friday. Showers and storm are expected. An isolated storm could turn strong to severe. Drier and slightly cooler air

Warm and rain free until Friday

A few more dry days before rain returns

First Alert Weather

We warm into the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. A few clouds develop. The warmth sticks around with building morning temperatures and more clouds. A good chance of showers and thunderstorms are expected Friday. An isolated strong storm is possible. Drier and a touch cooler Saturday and then we

A nice warm/dry stretch

Rain stays away until Friday

First Alert Weather

Cool to warm and tons of sun. The warming trend take us to the middle 80s by mid week. There will be some more clouds and humidity too. Our next weather maker arrives Friday with mostly showers. Although some thunderstorms are possible, the severe threat will be very low. Drier and warm this weekend

Dry and even warmer for start of workweek

After a breezy Saturday throughout the area, winds will start to subside this evening. Tonight, mostly clear skies with lows in the mid 40s.

It’s the Easter Snap

Easter weekend near perfect

Clouds clear for Easter sunshine

Easter weekend pleasantly cool and dry.

First Alert Weather

Strong to severe storms arrive right in time for the morning commute in Albany and move across the I-75 corridor by midday. There's a slight risk of severe storms. 15% chance of damaging wind and 5% chance of an isolated tornado. Scattered showers and thunderstorms continue into ths afternoon, but a

Strong-severe storms likely Good Friday

Strong-severe storms on Good Friday

First Alert Weather

Warm and mostly cloudy Today. Severe storms are expected to move-in and develop in the morning hours Friday and sweep through South Georgia into the early afternoon. Greatest threat of severe storms begins around 3am and ends around 1pm. Most of the area is now under an Enhanced Risk of Severe Storm

Strong-severe storms arrive Friday

Strong-severe storms likely Good Friday

First Alert Weather

Tomorrow and nearly as warm with a milder start. Strong to severe storms arrives early in the morning Friday and end around midday west to east. There's a Slight Risk of Severe Storms area wide. A First Alert Weather Day has been issued for a 15% chance of damaging winds & large hail and a 5% chance

Thunderstorms Friday, some strong

Strong storms possible Good Friday

First Alert Weather

A very cool start warm to near 80 degrees this afternoon with full sunshine. Warmer, more humid and clouds build into Thursday. A strong cold front arrives Friday. A round of strong-severe storms comes Friday morning. A slight risk of severe storms include the threat of damaging winds, large hail an

More sunshine before Good Friday storms

A few tranquil days before another round of storms

First Alert Weather

Breezy, cool, sunny and less humid Today. A very cool start Tomorrow in the upper 40s and then warming into the middle 80s by mid week. Clouds and humidity increase Thursday. A round of Severe Storms arrive Thursday night to Friday morning. Right now we are under a slight risk, but this storm looks

Drier and cooler weather moves in for Monday

Sunday is a First Alert Weather Day. All threats of severe weather are possible with damaging winds and a few tornadoes being the main threats.

First Alert Weather

Warm, humid and mostly cloudy conditions take us through Saturday. A FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY has been issued for Palm Sunday 4/14/2019. A severe weather out break is expected to impact much of the Peach State. An Enhanced Risk of Severe Storms includes our northwest counties and much of the rest of

Quiet until Sunday’s potential severe weather

Mostly dry until Sunday

First Alert Weather

Warm afternoons in the middle 80s last into the weekend. More clouds are expected starting Tonight with slight rain chances. Sunday turn breezy in the morning and a round of strong-severe storms are expected to move through afternoon to the evening. Cooler and drier air starts off next week. Highs i

Strong storms possible Sunday

Potentially stormy on Sunday

First Alert Weather

Sunshine return Today and warms us to the lower 80s. More of the same Tomorrow. More clouds come Friday and Saturday with slight rain chances. Breezy conditions take over Sunday with a round of strong-severe storms by afternoon. Cooler and drier weather comes Monday & Tuesday.

Mostly dry until the weekend

Rain ends, sunshine returns

Rain exists, sunshine returns

Rain moves out overnight.

First Alert Weather

Showers and scattered thunderstorms continue throughout the day. Highs stay in the upper 70s. Drier air comes Wednesday and Thursday. Slight rain chances come Friday and Saturday. By Sunday showers and thunderstorms are likely. Highs should be in the lower 80s and cooler mid week near 60 and warming

Strong storms possible early Tuesday

Strong storms possible early Tuesday.

Strong storms possible Tuesday

Rain likely with possibly strong storms.

First Alert Weather

Mild to warm & breezy with plenty of clouds Today. The afternoon turns increasingly stormy. Storms could produce damaging winds and small hail. There's a marginal risk of severe storms. Showers and thunderstorms will be likely Tuesday. Sunshine returns mid week and lasts most of the rest of the week

Strong to severe thunderstorms possible Monday

Slow-moving thunderstorms impacting area Saturday evening

Weekend rain but not a washout

Rain over the weekend

Isolated strong to severe thunderstorms possible today

Isolated strong to severe thunderstorms possible today

Rain and possibly strong storms

Active weather returns

Strong to severe storms possible Friday

Strong to severe storms possible Friday

Heavy rain Friday

Heavy downpours Friday

Beautiful, spring-like weather today; rain Thursday evening

Beautiful, spring-like weather today; rain Thursday evening

Sunshine then rain late Thursday

Rain ends the week

Spring warmth as rain returns

A few dry days as temps rise

Gradual clearing today

Gradual clearing today

Rain moves out by sunrise

Overnight rain ends early Tuesday

Rain chances rise by mid to late evening

Rain chances return by early week

Not as nice Sunday

Cloudy, a few showers, breezy and cooler Sunday.

Weekend starts dry but ends wet

Warm dry weather ends over the weekend

Rain returns Sunday

A 50/50 weekend

First Alert Weather

Cool to warm with some fair weather clouds by this afternoon. Warming gets us to 80 degrees by Saturday. A cold front arrives Sunday with widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. The front stall to our south and a low develops to our south. That brings showers Monday and rain Monday night into e