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Updated: Mar. 14, 2023 at 6:19 AM EDT
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some cold mornings expected feeling a little bit more like January then the month of March. What happened to March? I mean it felt like may in June just a couple of weeks ago and now we are feeling like this we got a freeze Watch in effect for several counties here in the Northwest and communities Lee County up to Sumpter County, West Stewart, county and south in through Clay County. That was before tonight into tomorrow morning with temperatures may fall near 30 degrees. You want to protect a tender vegetation, a lot of Blooms out there. Fruits, yeah, citrus. Also peaches, blueberries, yeah, to get nipped in the bud. Find a way to try to cover them up. Or spray them with some water. Let's talk about our temperatures this morning. It's cold enough upper 30s We'll get into the 40s at 10. And in the 40s through noon time. Jacket all day well most of the day and then we'll get into low to mid 50s topping off at 59 sunshine. Good north north west wind at about 10 miles per hour evening planner cool to cold 57 to 43 and then here's where we'll bottom out tomorrow morning. Again freezing temperatures expected I'd add crisp county into that freeze potential to so cordial around 31 Americans 3132 Cuthbert Dawson about 32 also Leesburg about 32 And then we get kind of very close here. I think downtown Albany around the urban areas probably not gonna get to freezing but if you live outside of Albany, Dougherty County, you probably want to protect the vegetation as well. So freeze North 33 degrees where we'll start let's take a look at those maps. And you can see high pressure building in we do have a nor'easter that's producing snow in areas that have not had snow and a lot of snow to is probably the biggest snowstorm so far for the big cities. They're New York and Boston, especially freezing. Yeah. Across the middle portions of Georgia. We do have a little clouds and I think that may inhibit the freeze to being more widespread across areas we'll keep an eye on it high pressure then settles on in it'll be a cool day tomorrow getting into the 60s though, and then a frosty start. So that means temperatures will be in the low to mid 30s. Dew points a little bit higher and so there'll be more frost production the clouds will inhibit the frost production most likely tomorrow. Except for those areas that have clear skies, which will be the northern counties all right here. comes our next storm system, a severe weather outbreak possible here across the architects once again. The big question is does it move into our area with the same ferocity? Right now it doesn't look like it. They've got a slight risk right now on the day three forecasts, we might get a marginal risk so we'll keep an eye on it and that would be mainly Friday night. Mostly sunny tomorrow 33 to 63. Morning Frost on Thursday, and milder in the afternoon. 34 to 72 and then Friday will be 51 to 78. Most of the day will be dry will be in the latter portion of the afternoon that will see those thunder showers start to move in it'll turn breezy two and rain now unfortunately lingers into Saturday 49 to 58 it will be chilly but I do think sunshine will take over heading into the end of our weekend