First Alert Weather

Updated: Feb. 7, 2023 at 6:07 AM EST
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bundled up it is a chilly start out there probably don't want to be outside in the morning doing any work but in the afternoon I'll tell you what it's going to feel a little bit like spring as temperatures spring into the low to mid 70s 44 at eight o'clock 5610 o'clock noon time. 6602 more cloud covers we got in the afternoon 7172 From one to 4pm milder cool this evening 62 to 56 and then temperatures won't be as chilly tomorrow morning as we start off mostly cloudy 52 degree reading on the thermometer rain chances are going to be ramping up to the likely side by Thursday night and Rain likely on Friday. We do dry on time for the weekend. Meantime we do have a severe threat. It is marginal this is for Thursday night 6pm to midnight. 5% chance of damaging winds flash flooding and a 2% chance of an isolated tornado that covers all of Southwest Georgia. Meantime temperatures will be balmy 79 tomorrow and then cooling down dramatically only in the mid 50s Saturday and we're expecting frost Sunday morning as temperatures dive into the low 30s