First Alert Weather

Updated: Sep. 22, 2022 at 6:07 AM EDT
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We're starting off nice and mild in the mid 60s We'll reach the mid 80s 11 o'clock into the low 90s early afternoon topping off at 96 can be toasty hot this afternoon. A few sprinkles come in this evening between seven and nine o'clock. We have a frontal system moving in. We'll go from the upper 80s to 80. So it'll be a warm evening but then clearing tomorrow we'll start off mild at 69 and then temperatures will be cooler in the afternoon down in the mid 80s. So we're gonna be about 12 degrees cooler tomorrow with the breeze that will make it even feel better. Mid AC and on Saturday. We pumped to 90 on Sunday and then upper 80s on Monday cooling back down into the mid 80s. Meantime on Thursday. Looks like we're gonna see some clouds and maybe some rain from what is right now invest 98 l most likely will be tropical storm and Hurricane Hermine in the Gulf of Mexico. Upper 60s falling in the mid 50s Saturday morning so a cool start to the weekend. We respond Monday with that frontal passage that will back into the upper 50s or rain chances are going to remain low for the next seven days.