First Alert Weather

Updated: May. 12, 2022 at 6:10 AM EDT
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We are tracking this upper level low. We've been watching it spin off the coast of the Carolinas, Florida and it's kind of finally going to make its way towards us to end the week also going to bring us the best chance of showers and storms we seen this week so far. Let's go to your forecast. today. We are starting off comfortable. temperatures hovering right around 60 cool spots in the mid to upper 50s in the mild spots in the low 60s. Over respond very quickly with the sunshine again getting into the lower 80s By midday and then we'll see some clouds of tail end of the day coming in from east to west turning partly cloudy and temperatures. Maybe a degree or two cooler than yesterday's high of 89 degrees for this evening. Partly cloudy, warm to mild 83 to 74. And not as cool as we wake up on our Friday morning. 63 degrees. We are expecting that low to move in again. You can see that there's not a lot of showers and storms but the closer you are to that low the better chance of rain you will see. So that means east of I 75. About a shower and thunderstorm chance about 60% falling off to 40% here in Albany in the northwestern community just 20% Meantime, it looks like a surge of warmer air will be coming in here as we head into the weekend and more humidity. Watch out for fog Saturday morning that frontal system will lift north and the warmth will continue to build. We do have another front trying to press south and you do notice some complex thunderstorms here across Louisiana. This will probably bring a slight chance of a shower storm our way on Sunday. And then the heat will really take over as we go into next week. Friday 40% chance of afternoon showers and storms 63 to 83 morning fog Saturday more humid 63 to 88 on your Saturday, Sunday 30% chance of an afternoon showers storm 66 to 90 and then Monday heating up and again that is just a taste of what's to come. The hottest weather of the season near record levels next week and a full blown heatwave.