COVID cases continue to rise across the US

Florida governor not revealing the number of hospitalized Covid-19 patients, as the outbreak grows.

  Curiosity Mars rover starts summer tour

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is going on a summer road trip.

  Ringo Starr celebrates 80th birthday

  COVID cases soar in Florida as Disney World prepares to reopen

Disney World to reopen this week as coronavirus cases soar in Florida.

  Trump to attend massive July 4th event as COVID cases soar

Masks will not be required and social distancing will not be practiced as thousands of supporters join Trump at Mt. Rushmore.

  California releases 'wear a mask' PSA campaign

The state of California released an ad campaign to encourage people to wear a mask during the pandemic.

  'Hamilton' premieres on Disney Plus

The theatrical release of the hit Broadway musical premieres for the Fourth of July weekend.

  Tips to staying cool to avoid heat exhaustion

  July 2020 skywatching tips from NASA

What are some skywatching highlights you can see in July 2020? Enjoy the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn with their moons, stay up late to spot Mars rising.

  FEMA discusses hurricane season changes amid COVID-19 crisis

The Atlantic hurricane season is already breaking records with several storms named so early this year. With parts of the U.S. battling the wrath of the coronav

  State Flag leaves Capitol

  'Friday the 13th' villain Jason stars in mask PSA

Possibly the most-famous mask wearer ever is misunderstood in this public service announcement.

  This is how some snakes glide through the air

Researchers have figured out how the paradise tree snake can remain airborne for so long.

  Sheriff: Oklahoma woman shot trying to steal Nazi flag

  Walmart no longer selling All Lives Matter merchandise


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