Mental health issues rise in kids

One child psychologist says he's seeing a significant increase in mental health issues among children.

  Big Texas gator has close call with children

When a nearly 12-foot alligator came toward his 4-year-old, a dad sprang into action.

  Millennials buying homes during pandemic

Some in real estate say the coronavirus is pushing younger homebuyers out of the city and into their first homes.

  Moderna to price COVID-19 vaccine under $40

  USSRC meets fundraising goal

  Lightning Strike

Watch KLTV 7 News at 10.

  Massive damage in Beirut after explosion

Multiple people injured after Beirut explosion.

  Large explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

A large explosion has rocked Beirut, Lebanon, reportedly near the city's port.

  Deputy offers pinky-swear to suicidal teen

The teen said he was tired of life and wanted to jump off the bridge.

  Oldest living Marine turns 105

  Central Florida preps for hurricane

Central Florida preps for hurricane amid coronavirus pandemic.

  Phases of the moon

What causes the phases of the Moon? Learn more about rotation, revolution and this repeatable pattern.

  Stone Temple Pilots livestream show

The 90's rockers will play their breakout album during a special live stream performance Friday (7/31).

  Woman reunited with stolen teddy bear

Tuesday brought a happy ending to the story of the missing teddy bear in Vancouver that drew international attention

  3 billion animals killed, displaced by Australian bushfires

Nearly 3 billion animals were killed or displaced by Australia's devastating bushfires.

  Target to close on Thanksgiving

  NASA balloon research

How NASA uses high-altitude balloons to test scientific instruments and spacecraft.