Sapphire Whitening System

Dr. Daugherty is pleased to now offer the Sapphire Whitening System.  It is the only in-office system specially formulated to prevent sensitivity - making it the leading choice for safe, convenient, and effective whitening.

Sapphire Chairside Whitening Gel is a hydrogen peroxide formula.  When it is activated by the Sapphire Supreme Plasma Arc Whitening Light, whitening of up to 7 shades is often achieved in 30 minutes.

It is a system that will not harm teeth or gums and Dr. Daugherty has received special training to use Sapphire Whitening in his office.

Sapphire Whitening does not require the use of a mouth tray because it is a one-visit procedure that Dr. Daugherty performs in office.  You will be given a mouth tray and Sapphire Brilliance Toothpaste for at-home touch-ups to use as you need.