Biggest trash collection week of the year

December 26, 2007

Lee County -- The day after Christmas starts the busiest week of the year for trash collectors. And South Georgia trash service companies say judging from the mountains of boxes and bags by the curb, this may be the heaviest load they have ever picked up.

 The trash cans in Lee County show that it was a very generous and spirit filled Christmas.  Veolia Environmental Services Residential Supervisor Paul Somerville said "it's super trash out there. It's outstanding."

Lots of overstuffed bags and boxes by overflowing trash cans at most every home. The week after Christmas is always the busiest for the trash collectors, but they say judging from the curbside load, this year most people had an even bigger gift giving day. Somerville said "every Christmas, every Christmas. It seems like you get more and more. I guess with the economy and new houses, it gets heavier every year."

 Now those gifts become a mountain of garbage for these guys to have to deal with. They will fill up their trucks and have to head to the dump several times more than a normal day.  Somerville said "you're packing out twice, three times. It all depends on how big your route is."

These trash collectors will be working longer hours each day this week, and then an extra day on Saturday, to deal with the garbage that is left over after a big day of Christmas cheer, spirit, and giving.

Veolia said Thursday they will have almost twice as many garbage trucks on the road as a normal day, to deal with all the Christmas load.