Pine needle punches through glass

  March 8, 2007

Americus -- 160 mile per hour winds that came with the F-3 Tornado in Americus, drove 2x4's into concrete walls, and threw an ironing board through a wall, and in one case it threw pine needles like bullets.

Decorating Unlimited, across from the Winn Dixie, had to move much of their inventory to another warehouse.  As they were moving the furniture they found the most amazing damage to a corner cabinet. 

It looked as if the cabinet had been shot with a bullet.  On closer inspection they found a pine needle on the shelf that had been driven through the glass.

"This piece was one of the last pieces we moved out of the room and didn't realize until we moved it that the pine needle had gone through and caused the damage," said   Decorating Unlimited's Keith Teasley.   

About a third of Decorating Unlimited store was damaged.  They're waiting for the insurance company to evaluate the damage before they'll know their total losses.