Cairo runoff ends in tie

December 7, 2005

Cairo -- Adrian Clark and James Douglas both got 82 votes in the race for a seat on the city council. So, for the first time in nearly a half century, there will be a second runoff.

The ladies of Cairo's elections office are preparing for a second runoff in the district four city council race. There was a tie vote between Clark and Douglas. Both received 82 votes each.

Elections Supervisor Carolyn Lee, says last night's surprise at the polls is a first in Georgia's Hospitality City in at least 40-years. Incumbent, Adrian Clark, received 34 votes during advanced voting, and 48 votes at the polls. James Douglas, won 30 advanced votes, and 52 votes at the polls.

About 20% of district four's voters turned out.

"This was a fairly good turnout for a runoff where there's only one race and one district," said Lee.

And as the women of Cairo's election office will tell you with such a strong showing, they were surprised voters didn't sway the election one way. "I've been here almost six months and I've never heard of it being this close," said Lee.

The second runoff will be January third.

And as surprising as the outcome of this race is, an even more bizarre ending to an election in the tiny Georgia town of Mountain Park, just north of Atlanta.

Two men who tied in a city council election last month, faced each other in a runoff Tuesday, and tied again with 51 votes each.