Kids sharing acts of kindness take over South GA school

Kids sharing acts of kindness take over South GA school
Updated: Aug. 29, 2018 at 9:56 PM EDT
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Assistant Principal Jaimie Murdock (Source: WALB)
Assistant Principal Jaimie Murdock (Source: WALB)

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - When students head into Lee County Primary School, they know they'll work on their reading and math skills. But recently, kids at this school have been learning about more than just feeding their minds.

Through the doors of Lee County Primary School, kids are hard at work learning and playing.

But for the last few weeks, kids have started doing random acts of kindness.

And it all started with seven-year-old Stryker Blake.

"I started looking at people who didn't have snacks, so I brought some snacks," said Blake.

Blake brought in cookies for a couple of his friends who didn't have a snack.

Assistant Principal Jaimie Murdock posted about the act on social media and said it has grown from there.

"We have children in all grades, all classes bringing snacks in for others, purchasing ice cream for others. And so because the children are doing it and it's their ideas, it's been amazing," said Murdock.

And now Stryker has started a challenge for his classmates. He and his teacher have started making snack bags for students, but there's a catch.

Each bag has an act of kindness labeled on the front.

"You have to read that, the kindness, and you have to like, do the things. So, if it says like, pick up three pieces of litter, you pick it up and do the random act of kindness," explained Blake.

Murdock hopes this idea spreads to other schools.

"We hope that this story gets out to others and other schools take it on, other children take it on. And then maybe, we will be world changers just by this small, little gesture of making sure everybody has a snack," said Murdock.

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