AMA celebrates one year anniversary of reopening after January 2017 storms

AMA celebrates one year anniversary of reopening after January 2017 storm

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's been one year since the Albany Museum Of Art re-opened.

The January 2017 storms destroyed the museum, and now they are reflecting back on their journey.

"Coming in that first day after the storm was devastating and we all wondered what was our next step, what were we going to do. We were closed form January 2 to August 24," said Executive Director Paula Williams.

One year after the storms.

"Working with the disaster team and they completely gutted the museum," said Williams.

But with a little teamwork.

"In 24 hours we had the conservation team here, we had over 13 professionals come help wrap the art collection and have it out the door in four days. All of our trustees were here," said Williams.

The Albany Museum of Art is back and better than before.

"I think we're there and then some," said Williams.

"Been a real whirlwind, from the day we opened with our grand reopening," said Williams.

Since that day, the Museum has held four exhibitions in the main gallery, and at least that many in their east and west galleries.

"So many programs and exhibitions, and I'll have to say we are back in full capacity mood," said Williams.

Williams is proud of how far they've come and what is ahead.

"I'm real proud of the staff and the trustees for what they did to get us back operational," said Williams.

And that includes the move to downtown.

"We're looking forward to being downtown and being the cornerstone of our cultural community," said Williams.

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