ABAC hopes 1,000 acres of land will help students grow

ABAC planning on putting 1000 acres to use in 2018

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is now into its second day of classes and is welcoming a new site with a 1,000 acres of land for many of its agricultural students.

ABAC now has a record of 4,100 students. And the college believes that this new land will help the students receive a better hands-on experience.

The school purchased 1,000 acres worth an estimated $3 million in March and is looking to begin using the land immediately.

Dr. Mark Kistler, the dean in the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources at ABAC, said this site will be used for more than just the agriculture but also for wildlife.

"We've been using private land in the past, and we still will do that," said Kistler. "But this affords us the opportunity, both from a forestry standpoint, for students to apply all the things they've learned in the classroom, in a real-world environment. And actually, do it."

Kistler said he hopes to continue to find new ways for students to grow and be successful.

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