Editorial: The Two Georgia's on the ballot this year

The Two Georgia's on the ballot this year

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Election season is here, and state politicians are on the campaign trail in South Georgia cities talking about how important you are.

Many candidates say they understand our frustration.  However, do they really?

Many see Georgia split into two parts... Atlanta... and the other Georgia, everywhere else.

For decades, Atlanta has gotten the infrastructure investment and business development.

Only now, with the Federal government leading the way, is major infrastructure development being seen in Savannah's port deepening.

However, many South Georgians believe if the ocean touched Atlanta, even that would be taking place there instead.

But let's check the history.  The Second Congressional District in Georgia has been one of the poorest in the nation since the end of World War II,  and still gets the least interest from Georgia state leaders.

Not enough votes or campaign money to interest politicians.

Governor Nathan Deal announced last week that tax revenues for July were up 3.5%, the state receiving $1.78 billion in tax money.

Now One Gubernatorial Candidate pledges if she wins she will invest $10 million in small business financing.   Wow, that's generous!

Now is the time to demand state officials get serious about growth outside the metro Atlanta area.

Demand tax incentives only for industries and businesses that open in North, South or Middle Georgia...where new jobs could really make a difference.

How about an interstate highway from Savannah to I-85 across South Georgia, and an extension of I-185, south from Columbus thru Albany to I-10 in Bainbridge?

South Georgians have heard enough empty promises from politicians during election time.

Now is the time to demand state and national leaders put real investment in improving the Second Georgia.

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