Editorial: Protecting Albany's Water is essential

Protecting Albany's water is essential

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Flint Riverkeeper has an expert checking the E. coli levels on South Georgia creeks and the Flint River every week,

to keep a close watch on water quality issues. And that is an embarrassment for the City of Albany.

The Flint River is the top natural resource for South Georgia.  Water is the number one economic driving force for the region.

Agriculture is the number one industry in Georgia, because of the availability of water.

The number one selling feature to offer manufacturing industries that would consider moving to South Georgia is the availability of clean water.

It's an outright shame that city of Albany leaders for dozens of years have not realized this, and cared for the resource.

Repeated sewer leaks and flows into the river have brought a bad name to Albany in its treatment of this great God-given gift.

Albany leaders have known for decades that the city's storm drainage and sewer system were problems, but always settled for the cheapest fix.

The low bidder to protect the water we all drink, not to mention lifeblood of our economy.

Now we have volunteer advocates like the Flint Riverkeeper having to come in to keep a close watch and protect our water, because our elected officials are not.

It's time the city of Albany takes the sewer system seriously. Hold the company being paid now to oversee the city's sewer system to fulfill their current contract.  Look for the best long-term engineering methods to update the system.

Taxpayers deserve solutions, not excuses, for pollution flowing into something as important as our water.

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