Editorial: We need better answers to earn our vote

We need better answers to earn our vote

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We just witnessed a run-off election in Georgia's governor's race that was sad for several reasons.

Embarrassing that the rest of the country saw Georgia's standard for governor came down to holding a shotgun or how big is your pick-up truck.

Insulting to us as voters that millions of dollars were spent with a sappy low bar appeal to secure our votes.

Can you imagine asking a doctor about to operate on you, or a lawyer about to represent you, what kind of shotgun or pick-up you own?

Of course not. But for the highest office in the state, some think our main concern is do they say, 'Merry Christmas' or stand for the National Anthem?

Moving into the fall for the general election season, let's hold our candidates to a much higher standard.

We need to know how you will bring down the cost of health care.

How will you bring down our prescription costs?

How do we better protect our kids in schools?

How do we ensure that more of our kids graduate high school and at least have a two-year technical degree?

How do we reduce crime, and start sending more of our young people to college and to jobs instead of to our overcrowded prisons?

Candidates, we need serious answers to our serious questions before you can expect our vote in November.

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