Facade renovation projects helping to revitalize downtown Albany

Facade renovation projects helping to revitalize downtown Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The City of Albany is continuing efforts to revitalize downtown Albany one storefront at a time.

The Albany Dougherty Inner-City Authority (ADICA) is funding several renovations through a facade project.

Downtown Dawsyn Boutique is one of the downtown locales part of the project.

"You're outside represents what you have on the inside," said Morgan Layfield, Downtown Dawsyn Boutique owner.

And when it comes to opening new businesses in downtown Albany, this is especially important.

"Obviously what's on the outside of your store is super important because that's going to attract people to come inside your store," said Layfield.

The importance of store's outer appearance sparked the Albany Dougherty Inner-City Authority to fund several facade improvement projects to storefronts downtown.

"It's more inviting to walk into a business if you have a nice sign, if you have a nice paint job, or if you have lighting," said Jacquelyn Teemer, interim downtown manager.

And these are exactly the type of projects ADICA is helping to fund. Businesses can apply for the facade renovations. ADICA will then come in and pay up to $5,000 to renovate the storefronts.

"Thus far, we have had three successful projects that have been approved and have been completed," said Teemer.

Successful projects include the Renaissance Art Cafe, the buildings owned by Huey and Newman on the corner of Jackson and Broad and the newly opened Downtown Dawsyn Boutique.

"It has peaked the interest of a lot of businesses that kind of want to be in the mix downtown," Teemer said.

Layfield said now is the time for businesses to make the move downtown.

"Downtown's really getting big, and if people are wanting to come downtown, then they need to come downtown right now because now's the best time to do it," said Layfield.

ADICA does still have funds to complete more projects.

More information on the Downtown Facade Grant can be viewed here. 

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