Editorial: Do back-to-school right

Do back-to-school right

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Immunizations – check!  School supplies – check! Dress Code – check!  School safety – check!

It's that time across SW Georgia and we want to remind you of some important matters  - related to back to school!

Parents & guardians, have you checked on your child's immunization requirements?  What about whether or not your child is required to have a clear backpack this year?  Is there an existing or new dress code for your child's school?

And drivers, we want you to remember that the school bells have begun to ring across SW Georgia so please be aware!  Make sure you slow down in school zones and drive through those zones at the posted speed limits.

Remember to look out for the STOP signs on the buses and DO NOT pass the buses when those signs are extended.   Also, watch for students walking in school zones and in neighborhoods.

And don't forget Georgia's "Hands -Free Law!" It went into effect since the last school year so…  No cell phone use while operating a vehicle!

Finally, it's unfortunate that we even have to remind our students, but this is important.  If they see or hear anything suspicious at school or concerning school, please encourage your child to report it.

Our school leaders are concerned and have taken steps to ensure that your child is safe…we want and need students to be concerned, too.  We want to avoid another year of reporting on school bullying, and shootings.

It takes all of us to have a safe and successful year and CLICK HERE if you'd like to take a glimpse of how SW Georgia school districts have prepared for 2018.

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