Editorial: Flint River Trails is positive for the community

Flint River Trails is positive for the community
(Source: Flint River Trails)
(Source: Flint River Trails)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Expanding the popular Flint River Walk through the community and even outside Albany's borders is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Last Tuesday, community leaders unveiled their master plan for the flint river recreational trail.

The first part of the new trail will stretch 14 miles from Tift Park all the way to Sasser. That will be completed by 2020.

Overall the project, a 16-foot wide Asphalt path, is going to cost close to 27 million dollars.

This is not some new pie in the sky concept. It has already been successful in nearby Columbus, LaGrange, and Carrolton.

Whether it's a casual walk for enjoyment or exercise, folks already use the flint river walk on a daily basis.

It's not as extensive as recreational trails in many cities around the country, but there are plans now to change that.

"It will help to sustain the economy of this city to bring those dollars into the City of Albany, where we have our cultural hub, where we have our amenities and our infrastructure," said Billups "Bo" Johnson, President of the South Georgia Rails to Trails, Inc.

"People will come, they will see a part of it this time, and next time they'll come back and their see other parts of it," said Mayor Dorothy Hubbard.

We agree with Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, who believes the trail system will give Albany an economic and tourism boost.

And we agree with residents we spoke to, who said this trail system will literally help bridge the community together.

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