Editorial: Operation Southern Shield is working

Operation Southern Shield is work

The results speak for themselves. In 2017, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety reported that "Operation Southern Shield" led to a drop in fatal crashes on Georgia roads.

The week-long operation took place between July 17 and July 23 of last year in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The last report said that there were 17 traffic deaths in Georgia during that seven-day operation.

That was a 51 percent decrease from the 35 fatalities that were reported for the same seven-day period in the year before. Other participating states saw similar results.

Southern Shield is now underway for 2018 and we hope we see even better results.

After last year's highly successful operation that drew national attention, Georgia is again on board in pulling over drivers who are breaking the law by traveling above the legal speed limit on interstates, major highways and local roads through Sunday, July 22.

And one more reminder: Georgia drivers are now required to drive hands free. That law went into effect July 1.

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