Editorial: Will trade war kill our pecan crop?

Will trade war kill our pecan crop?

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - President Donald Trump has said for years that American companies are short-changed and over-charged by foreign governments when it comes to fees those countries charge on the products they import from us.

He made a big move when he added a big tax or tariff on steel that comes here from China because it's an open secret that China subsidizes its steel industry, and the playing field for American steel is not level.

So now other countries are playing hardball against us. China has jacked up its tariff on Georgia pecans from seven percent to 47 percent.

Georgia doesn't make steel, but we do make pecans. This is serious, and pecan growers like Bill Cobb know it.

"I'll probably lose $150,000 to $200,000 from what I did last year, less than I did last year," said Cobb, the owner of Bill Cobb Pecans. "Last we was good on a 10 percent tariff. This year we're looking at 47 percent tariff. But it can change between now and harvest time and who knows what it's going to do."

We get it that other countries haven't been playing fair on tariffs, and America needs to take action. But let's not push these folks so hard that they make American products unaffordable in their countries.

No one wants a trade war, despite the president's previous statements about winning them.

We call on the administration to find reasonable solutions to our trade imbalance, without driving American producers out of business.

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