Thomasville manhunt suspect denied bond again, now faces 22 charges

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - After a weekend-long manhunt in Thomasville, Robert Carter II is now facing 22 charges after being arraigned twice in two days.

Judges Roy Lilly and Andy Seery have denied Carter's bond and he is facing charges for crimes that occurred July 5 on Sherwood Drive in Thomasville, and July 6 in Ochlocknee.

Some of the charges include aggravated sexual battery, kidnapping, stalking and armed robbery.

Carter is also a suspect is Deanna Shirey's disappearance.

The 70-year-old Thomasville woman went missing more than a week ago.

She was classified as a missing person after Thomasville police said they had two unsuccessful attempts to make contact with Shirey after her family asked them to do a wellness check.

The Thomasville Police Department, Thomas County Sheriff's Office and dozens of other agencies are continuing their search in efforts to find Shirey.

"We've used cadaver dogs, regular sniffing dogs, we have used helicopters. And we have actually done grid searches and on foot searches. We've had officers on ATVs. The woods behind her residence several times, the park behind her residence. We are searching anywhere that Mr. Carter, you know, visited a lot," said Major Wade Glover with the Thomasville Police Department.

But, Glover said they don't have enough staffing to search everywhere. So, they are now asking for the public's help.

"We're asking for your help, we plead for you to go out and check your own property. If you see anything that may be suspicious or anything like that please give us a call and we will come check it out. It doesn't matter if it turns out to be nothing, we still want to come and check it out," explained Glover.

Glover said they use every investigative tool they can to keep the community safe.

"Everything that we do revolves around our community. Whether you live in Thomasville, Thomas County, whatever we do revolves around our community," said Glover.

Thomasville assistant District Attorney Catherine Smith said there are still other pending charges involving Carter.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation believes a comforter and a white Ford pick-up truck are connected to her disappearance.

Now, they need you to think back.

If you remember seeing Shirey's red Honda CRV any time from July 1 through the 3, you are asked to call the GBI Thomasville Office at (229) 225-4090.

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