Editorial: 4th of July concert a Ginuwine problem

4th of July concert a Ginuwine problem

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Holidays are often days we get to spend with our families, and Albany's Fourth of July downtown celebration was billed to be just that.

However, many residents took to social media to complain about one of the artists selected to perform. Critics say R&B singer Ginuwine was not appropriate for younger children, using explicit and inappropriate language in his songs.

We applaud the city for getting a well-known singer to perform here and many residents were excited to have him. In fact, nearly three-thousand people turned out to see the singer... and for many, it was the highlight of the celebration.

We hope more concerts like this can take place for the folks in Southwest Georgia. However, the concert should have been labeled for the 18 plus crowd, not as a family-friendly event.

"It's something that should have been vetted in advance. You know what kind of music, and what kind of songs and lyrics this individual would be signing," said Frank Ramano, who attended the concert.

The city is now saying that new steps will be put in place to make sure this doesn't happen again, including having a verbal conversation with the selected performer to make sure his or her lyrics are family friendly.

We are glad to hear new rules are set in place, but we have to ask the question: Why weren't these simple checks and balances in place to begin with?

It begs a follow-up question: What other decisions are being made for our city without basic checks and balances in place?

We hope the city will continue to get a variety of artists to perform here... we just hope they label the event correctly.

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