Controversial debate over Pinetree Boulevard continues

Controversial debate over Pinetree Boulevard continues
Pinetree Boulevard (SOURCE: WALB)
Homeowners against the expansion (SOURCE: WALB)
Homeowners against the expansion (SOURCE: WALB)
The City of Thomasville is divided on what to do with a road that runs about 11 miles around the town. 

The consensus with homeowners on Pinetree Blvd. and surrounding neighborhoods are split into three categories, either they are extremely against it, neutral, or see a huge need for it.
The reason Pinetree Blvd. has been so controversial is because the council voted on the matter last month without putting it on the agenda for community notification. Therefore, barely anyone from the community showed up for the meeting, and the vote to expand the road passed four to one.


With pending litigation against the city, it has quieted many residents and business owners so, they declined to be interviewed on camera.

But, several residents and business owners said they don't want an expansion because it would attract more traffic and would make the area unsafe for their kids.
Others said it would be great because it would make it easier and safer for emergency vehicles, fire trucks, garbage trucks, or utility trucks to get through the area, and would reduce heavy traffic jams.  
The Thomasville City Council is holding a meeting Wednesday evening to once again discuss what should happen to Pinetree Blvd.
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