Surveillance video of Albany burglary shared on Facebook leads to quick arrest

An Albany man said surveillance cameras and social media helped police catch a suspect after...
An Albany man said surveillance cameras and social media helped police catch a suspect after his home was burglarized. (Source: Chris Bearden)
Updated: Jun. 1, 2018 at 11:12 PM EDT
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Chris Bearden (Source: WALB)
Chris Bearden (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Social media helped an Albany burglary victim recover some of his stolen property.

The Albany Police Department has arrested one man thanks to tips from people who saw the surveillance video of two people stealing equipment out of the man's garage.

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Chris Bearden's garage was burglarized in broad daylight Thursday afternoon. His surveillance security cameras caught the suspects and the burglary.

Bearden said his home monitoring system is what helped the Albany Police Department catch one of the suspects.

"I just put the cameras up and hoped for the best," said Bearden.

Bearden said it wasn't just the cameras that helped police make an arrest, it was also social media.

"I posted the video to Facebook and I'm thankful for all the responses I got from social media messages," said Bearden. "It helped out the investigation tremendously."

Police said two men stole $1,600 worth of landscaping equipment from Bearden's garage in the middle of the afternoon.

Bearden said this isn't the first time he has been burglarized, but it is the first time since he had cameras installed. And already one of the suspects has been caught.

"I didn't report it at the time because I didn't have cameras up and I knew it was going to be kind of pointless to report it then," said Bearden.

Bearden didn't wait long to install the cameras after that burglary and because of that, he saw the faces of the men who stole equipment right out of his garage.

"One of the individuals actually walked right up to the door and looked and turned around and picked up one of the pieces of equipment," explained Bearden.

The Albany Police Department also posted the surveillance video to its Facebook page.

"About two hours in between and I already had some names possibly of the individuals,' said Bearden.

The APD has arrested David Edward Sizemore in connection with the burglaries. They're also asking for help in finding another suspect, Charles Brandon Harris.

But besides installing home cameras and monitoring systems, Bearden does have another piece of advice to avoid stolen property.

"Everybody should lock their equipment up if you want to keep it," said Bearden.

According to a statement from the Albany Police Department, officers received a tremendous amount of help from people who liked, shared and commented on the Facebook post of the surveillance video.

APD is still looking for the second suspect in the burglary.

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