Editorial: The delicious irony of Mike McCoy's troubles

Editorial: The delicious irony of Mike McCoy's troubles
Mike McCoy, Interim Dougherty County Administrator (Source: WALB)
Mike McCoy, Interim Dougherty County Administrator (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - This week we learned that Dougherty County interim administrator Michael McCoy was named the Administrative Manager of the Yearby the Georgia Chapter of the American Public Works Association.

He was especially recognized for his leadership during the January 2017 storms.

McCoy said "It was a privilege to serve in the leadership capacity after the storms, and I am continuing to serve and work very hard on the community's behalf, to get us through this recovery process along with the board."

While we congratulate McCoy for his honor, we can't help but note the irony that he is having to fight for his job against some of his own commissioners. And that could be a very expensive irony.

Earlier this year a majority of the Dougherty County Commissioners voted to not hire McCoy as the permanent county administrator, even after he was named the best candidate by a search committee from the prestigious Carl Vinson Institute of the University of Georgia.

The commissioners paid the Institute $11,500 for their candidate study, which the majority then decided to not follow. Now commissioners are in the process of hiring another talent search company, to find more candidates to fill the county administrator post.

Officials say those companies generally cost about $30,000 for these type studies.

In the meantime, the county has hired two attorneys to handle the lawsuit filed by McCoy over what he is claiming to be discrimination by commissioners.
The county has already paid $50,000 to McCoy to settle his complaint against Commissioner John Hayes.

So while state leaders say Michael McCoy did the best managerial  job in Georgia this year, leading Dougherty County through destructive natural disasters,
commissioners continue to waste our tax money, hiring consultants to try to find another administrator.

An irony that is increasingly costly for Dougherty County taxpayers to finance.

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