Decatur Co. storm leaves car totaled

Decatur Co. storm leaves car totaled
This tree fell around 6:30 Sunday morning on W Orange Street in Bainbridge. (Source: WALB)
This tree fell around 6:30 Sunday morning on W Orange Street in Bainbridge. (Source: WALB)
William Keaton (Source: WALB)
William Keaton (Source: WALB)

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - In Bainbridge, crews assessed damage following the severe storm that went through Decatur County early Sunday.

The National Weather Service reported a 54 mile per hour wind gust.

Crews cleaned up a tree that fell onto a man's car.

The owner said he's happy to be safe after the storm.

William Keaton has lived in his home for more than two years.

In that time, Sunday morning is probably one he will remember forever.

"When I got the storm warning I didn't think anything of it. The rain was falling, I said well it'll blow over," said Keaton.

It did just that, taking some trees in its path.

"The next thing I heard crackling then the tree went 'wham!'," said Keaton.

He said it happened around 6:30 Sunday morning.

The storm winds knocked the tree over and totaled his car.

"I was planning on moving yesterday, and I didn't get to it. So now it's right here," said Keaton. "When it hit it, I said it's gone."

Keaton said he immediately called the police, and now he just feels relieved.

"It could've been worse but we are just lucky the wind blew that way. We can get another one of those, but you can't get another one of me," said Keaton.

Crews cleaned up that tree just after 3:30 Sunday.

The power lines around Keaton's home are still down and his and other houses on the street are still without power.

As far as damage in other areas of Bainbridge, crews said they are moving as fast as they can.

They do have to get fallen trees removed first, before restoring power.

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