New NBC poll reveals political climate in Georgia

New NBC poll reveals political climate in Georgia

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - New numbers are out in a poll about Georgia politics.

NBC News and Survey Monkey conducted the online poll for nearly two weeks about the political climate in Georgia.

There's a variety of feelings toward the president, state government and current national issues.

First, the Georgians polled are split in approving and disapproving of President Donald Trump doing his job as president.

Nearly 30 percent strongly approve and 20 percent somewhat approve while 11 percent somewhat disapprove and nearly 40 percent strongly disapprove.

The majority of those polled were in favor of allowing undocumented immigrants working in the U.S. a chance to apply for legal status.

Almost 30 percent said these workers should be deported back to the country in which they came from.

When it comes to Confederate monuments, nearly 60 percent either strongly oppose or somewhat oppose removing these monuments and statues from public spaces around the state.

Only 22 percent strongly support and 17 percent somewhat support the removal.

And examining the state government, the majority of Georgians polled said they approve of Governor Nathan Deal handling his job as governor.

Fifteen percent strongly approve and 53 percent somewhat approve.

And 21 percent somewhat disapprove of Deal doing his job and seven percent strongly disapprove.

However, the majority of those polled feel that less than half of the time they do not trust the state government is doing what is right.

You can view the full poll results below:

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