DUI numbers down for Albany New Year's travel

DUI numbers down for Albany New Year's travel
Sgt. John Vanlandingham is the GSP Post 40 Commander. (Source: WALB)
Sgt. John Vanlandingham is the GSP Post 40 Commander. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The new year's travel period is almost complete and Georgia state patrol troopers said they are happy to report that most drivers have been following the rules of the road.

"We didn't make any DUI arrests, which to me is great because the troopers were out there working. They were out late into the night," said GSP Post 40 Commander Sgt. John Vanlandingham.

The official state totals for the 78-hour new year travel period won't be released until Tuesday, but Post 40 troopers said they were impressed with how few drunk drivers drivers were on the roads last night. It resulted in no deadly crashes in the Albany area.

"One of our main jobs is to get out here and reduce fatalities and anytime we see the fatality number down it lets us know that drivers are heading our advice and slowing down," explained Vanlandingham.

From Baker County to Dougherty County, troopers said there weren't many travelers to begin with.

"The inclement weather, the temperature being down, the drizzling rain. That had a lot of effect on keeping motorists at home instead of getting out drinking and driving and traveling," said Vanlandingham.

Early reports show GSP worked six fatal crashes last night across the state. That's fewer than half the number of people who died on Georgia roads on Christmas Day.

Fourteen fatalities marked this Christmas as one of the deadliest holidays in the state in the past few years.

Although few lives have been taken in Albany, the number of crashes this December is sky high.

Troopers have worked 70 accidents during the holiday period.

"Our crashes are up and we are seeing what is causing them is wildlife, deer on the roads, people consuming alcoholic beverages. And also there is a combination in there too of distracted driving," said Vanlandingham.

He said there are a lot of crashes that are involving deer.

If you find yourself driving down the highway and a deer jumps out in front of you, Vanlandingham said brake as fast as you can. He said try not to swerve into other lanes because you can impact other travelers.

"If you can veer, I would say veer slightly, but don't be out here making adverse actions as far as jerking the steering wheel because you can lose control of your vehicle," said Vanlandingham.

The New Year's travel period officially ends Tuesday night.

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