Holidays and depression: suggestions on how to manage it

Holidays and depression: suggestions on how to manage it
Dr. Abhinav Saxena (Source: WALB)
Dr. Abhinav Saxena (Source: WALB)

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - For most, the holidays are a happy, enjoyable time. But for those who suffer from mental illness, the holidays could be a testy time.

Dr. Abhinav Saxena said those who suffer from mental illnesses could experience some sadness during this time.

There are some factors that work against people, like the weather, being away from your family during the holidays, and just feeling overwhelmed.

Dr. Saxena suggests keeping your mind busy during the holidays with other activities you enjoy if you catch yourself experiencing a tough time.

He explained that being down every now and then is normal but if the symptoms persist, trying to get back to your normal routine is crucial.

"So if you have a bad hour or a bad week don't overreact. Try to get back on track, back on routine, eating healthy, exercising, getting plenty of sunlight, fresh air," said Saxena.

One activity that can almost turn your mood around completely is volunteering.

"Giving back is really a good way to kinda turn your own vibes around. If you're not feeling that great, there's nothing like volunteering at a soup kitchen or local boys and girls club. It's unbelievable how positive you are going to feel if you help other people," said Saxena.

Dr. Saxena added if these things don't work and the problems continue to call your doctor.

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