MCLB to host job fair at ASU

Angie Haire is the Marine Corps Logistics Command Man Power Office Director. (Source: WALB)
Angie Haire is the Marine Corps Logistics Command Man Power Office Director. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Marine Corps Logistics Base has a unique opportunity for people looking to get a job there.

The MCLB, Marine Corps Logistics Command and Marine Depot Maintenance Command are all looking to hire.

They have been given temporary authority by Congress to fill some critical and hard-to-fill positions at the three locations.

There will be a job fair on Wednesday from 9 a.m. until 5 Albany State University's West Campus in the student center for people to drop off their resumes.

"We don't usually have this authority and we've never done an event like this before. This is just something we are using to try and fill some positions," said Marine Corps Logistics Command Man Power Office Director Angie Haire.

There are more than a dozen positions you can apply for, ranging from IT specialists to electrical engineers and firefighters.

Wednesday will simply be a day for people to drop off their resumes and ask questions.

Interviews will be done later.

Below is a list of jobs available:

  • Financial Mgmt/Accountant/Technician GS-05xx
  • Inventory Management Specialist GS-2010
  • IT Specialist GS-2210
  • Logistics Management Specialist GS-0346
  • Management Assistant GS-0344
  • Management/Program Analyst GS-0343
  • Supply Tech GS-2005
  • Operations Research GS-1515
  • Visual Information Specialist GS-1084
  • Industrial Specialist GS-1150
  • Chemist GS-1320
  • Small Arms Repairer WG-6610
  • Heavy Mobile Equipment Repairer WG-5803
  • Welder WG-3703
  • Machinist WG-3414
  • Painter WG-4102
  • Engineering Technician GS-0802
  • Mechanical Engineer GS-08xx
  • Electrical Engineer GS-0850
  • Electronics Integrated Systems Mech WG-2610
  • Optical Instrument Repairer WG-3306
  • Surface Maintenance Repairer WG-5801
  • Industrial Engineering Technician GS-0895
  • Project Officer GS-1152
  • Computer Scientist GS-1550
  • Electronic Measurement Equip Mech WG-2602
  • Air Conditioner Equipment Mechanic WG-5306
  • Industrial Control Mechanic WG-2606
  • High Voltage Electrician WG-2810
  • Motor Transportation Operator WG-5703
  • Material Handler GS-6907
  • Auto Mechanic WG-5823
  • Maintenance Mechanic WG-4749
  • Public Affairs Specialist GS-1035
  • Educational Technician GS-1702
  • Police Officer GS-0083
  • Firefighter GS-0081
  • Telecommunications Specialist GS-0391
  • Business Analyst GS-1101
  • Sheet Metal Mechanic WG-3806
  • Electroplater WG-3610
  • Quality Assurance Specialist GS-1910
  • Security Guard GS-0085

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