DCP remembers officer killed in Thanksgiving wreck, one year later

DCP remembers officer killed in Thanksgiving wreck, one year later
Captain Tom Jackson (Source: WALB)
Captain Tom Jackson (Source: WALB)
Steve Davis (Source: WALB)
Steve Davis (Source: WALB)
A'Daesha Holley (Source: WALB)
A'Daesha Holley (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Dougherty County law enforcement officers are remembering one of their own.

But the tragedy didn't end there.

In the other car was 8-year-old A'Daesha Holley who was killed and her younger brother Kendall Holley was severely injured.

"He was in his personal vehicle at that time," said Captain Jackson. "They had attended Thanksgiving with their family and he was back around to his residence.  And I'm sure the last thing he expected was somebody was going to run the stop sign in front of him."

But that's what happened.

State troopers said K'Mesha Holley was driving with her two children in her car, when she ran a stop sign on Spring Flats Road and hit DCP Sergeant Steve Davis's car on County Line Road, killing Davis.

Captain Tom Jackson said the loss felt like the death of a family member.

"Anytime that something tragic happens to them, and you come in the next day and they're not going to be there anymore, it hits home," said Captain Jackson.

But Davis was not the only victim in the crash.

K'Mesha Holley's 8-year-old daughter A'Daesha was killed, and her son Kendall was injured.

"It's a tragedy all the way around," said Captain Jackson. "The thing you have to realize is that it affects two families. Not just one."

Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said she pleaded not guilty to those charges.

Captain Jackson said this tragic wreck is a reminder to eliminate distractions when behind the wheel, especially during busy holiday travel periods.

"The thing you need to realize is that the roadways can be very dangerous.  Fatalities happen.  Georgia's had some of the highest fatalities in the last few years.  And they continue to grow because we're doing more traveling in the roadway and they're becoming very dangerous roadways," he said.

Police urge drivers to buckle up, slow down, have a designated driver, take rest breaks if you need to, never text and drive..  and limit phone use behind the wheel.

K'Mesha's son Kendall is now paralyzed from his waist down.

K'Mesha Holley was released on a $14,600 bond, just hours after being booked in June and is awaiting trial.

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