Three arrested for Bainbridge murder

Three arrested for Bainbridge murder
(Source: WTXL)
(Source: WTXL)

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Three men are behind bars for the shooting murder of the death of Hubert Moore that happened Thursday morning in Bainbridge. 

Ronnie Dean McFadden, 42, Thaddus Nundra, 38, and Louis Lamorris Ousley, 29, are being charged with killing Moore, a longtime employee of the Bainbridge Post-Searchlight newspaper.

Late Friday morning, the suspected murder weapon, a 9mm pistol, was recovered near the Bainbridge boat basin. As for a motive, it may have been a crime of opportunity. The suspects didn't know Moore at all, according to investigators.

"We give our condolences to them" said Jerry Carter, BPS Director.

Moore was shot several times.  All three men are being charged with murder and attempted armed robbery. Nundra is also being charged with malice murder.

Investigators with BPS said in a press conference Friday morning that they believe Nundra had the gun and fired those fatal shots.

"Were trying to make sense of it" said Mark Esquivel, BPS Investigator.

Officials said the three men have extensive criminal backgrounds. They also said that Nundra was out on bond for a recent shooting in Buena Vista, GA. The victim in that shooting survived.

Investigators said they believe the three had plans to go downtown and rob a business but came across Moore.

Esquivel said they don't believe anything was taken from Moore and he still had his wallet on him.

Bainbridge Public Safety, Decatur County Citizens Against Crime, and the Post-Searchlight posted a $7,500 reward Thursday for information in the case.

Investigators said they had the names of those three men before the reward was issued.

"Everyone pitched in. There wasn't just one tip," said Esquivel.

Esquivel said they used community tips, confidential informants, and downtown surveillance video to gather information on Ousley, Nundra, and McFadden.

"In a small community like this everyone knows everyone, word gets out on the street faster than it gets to us to us sometimes," said Esquivel.

BPS Investigators said they brought in the GBI crime scene unit to help with the investigation.

"They worked the crime scene, giving us the opportunity to follow up on tips out in the community," said Esquivel.

Moore was found by his delivery truck behind the Searchlight, near the intersection of North Florida Street and West Jackson Street.

Investigators said two out of the three men gave the full details of what happened during their interviews.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Bainbridge Public Safety at (229) 248-2000.

The men have extensive criminal histories-

Ronnie Dean McFadden - 

2012 - Aggravated Assault

2014 - Drug Possession

2016 - Driving with a suspended license

Now, Murder and Criminal Attempt/Armed Robbery

Thaddus Nundra

1996 - Armed Robbery and Car Jacking

2017 - Aggravated Assault, Marion Co. SO puts incident date at May of 2017, Decatur County booked him on that warrant in June of 2017. He's out on bond for that right now.

Now, Murder, Malice Murder, and Criminal Attempt/Armed Robbery

Louis Lamorris Ousley -

2015 - Incident report states a woman claimed he stole her gun from her car

2015 - Probation Violation

2015 - Disorderly Conduct

Now, Murder and Criminal Attempt/Armed Robbery

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