Bike shop donates new bike to Albany man after his was stolen

Updated: Oct. 26, 2017 at 3:10 PM EDT
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Jimmy Hasty (Source: WALB)
Jimmy Hasty (Source: WALB)
Kimberleigh Moore-Willis (Source: WALB)
Kimberleigh Moore-Willis (Source: WALB)
Gene Kirk (Source: WALB)
Gene Kirk (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Jimmy Hasty bikes everywhere. It's how he gets to work at Easter Seals and stays active in the community.

But when someone stole his bike several days ago, he lost that sense of independence.

That's until one local business stepped in to help.

"I'd rather be working than sitting on my bottom," said Jimmy.

But several days ago, he lost his means of transportation to and from work.

"Jimmy actually rode his bicycle to work that day, got off of work and went to visit one of his friends in the front building," said Director of Vocational Services Kimberleigh Moore-Willis. "He drove his bicycle around, parked it in the front, went to see his friend, came out, and couldn't find his bicycle anywhere.  That's when we discovered it was stolen."

Jimmy was more than upset. He was devastated.

He had to start walking what was a 15-minute bike ride to work, and could no longer travel to Lee County to visit and do yard work for his 93-year-old aunt.

"Immediately, we started working on trying to see what we could do to try and help Jimmy," said Moore-Willis.

That's where Breakaway Cycles came in.

"They called and said that, 'We've got an individual who rides his bike to work.  His bike was stolen. Calling the bike shop was the most obvious thing. Was there anything that we could do,'" recalled Breakaway Cycles Owner Gene Kirk.

Kirk said it was a no-brainer to donate a brand new bike to Jimmy.

"I went over there, shook his hand and said thank you," said Jimmy.

Now, Jimmy has his life back and he's riding in style.

"It's huge to be able to help somebody when you have the opportunity to help them," said Kirk.  "It's very circular.  If you can help someone in your community, hopefully in turn, down the road, they'll help somebody else. I really believe in that."

Jimmy said he'll make sure to lock this bike up now.

Easter Seals said they're beyond appreciative of Breakaway Cycles donation.

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