NAACP: Worth Co Sheriff indictment is 'justice served'

NAACP: Worth Co Sheriff indictment is 'justice served'
Sheriff Hobby (Source: WALB)
Sheriff Hobby (Source: WALB)
Benjamin Whidby, NAACP, speaks about the indictment. (Source: WALB)
Benjamin Whidby, NAACP, speaks about the indictment. (Source: WALB)

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - Benjamin Whidby with the NAACP of Worth County has been voicing his opinion ever since a controversial search of the school and students in April when nearly 900 students were searched. Now that there has been an indictment, he feels a sense of relief.

"Justice was served. We've been looking for that in the beginning," said Whidby.

Whidby advocated that it doesn't matter that Hobby is the Sheriff, he needed to face the consequences.

"Bottom line, he broke the law. He broke the law and his oath of office," said Whidby.

"They're going to have to deal with this the rest of their lives. What happened at that school kept those kids inside for four hours searching them intrusively," claimed Whidby.

The indictment claims Hobby and a deputy intentionally touched a male student's groin during the search.

The Georgia Police Officer Standards and Training said that Sheriff Hobby has been stripped of his certifications, meaning he is not allowed police arrest powers.

"We are just taking away his law enforcement certification and the powers that go along with it. Anything else that might come down will come from the office of the governor," said Ken Vance, Executive Director.

Vance explained that Hobby can still act as an administrator but not a law enforcement officer.

We contacted the Sheriff but he chose to not comment.

We also contacted community members supporting the Sheriff, who at first agreed to speak to us on camera, but later declined to do an interview.

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