Sumter Co. Middle goes viral for music parodies

Updated: Sep. 27, 2017 at 7:00 AM EDT
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Anton Anthony (Source: WALB)
Anton Anthony (Source: WALB)
The kids write and produce every video (Source: WALB)
The kids write and produce every video (Source: WALB)
Anthony says his goal is to spread a positive message (Source: WALB)
Anthony says his goal is to spread a positive message (Source: WALB)

SUMTER CO., GA (WALB) - The new principal of Sumter County Middle School is using music in a creative way to make sure his students stick to the right beat.

He works with his students to write and produce music videos and those videos are blowing up on social media.

Their latest video, titled 'Bodak Yellow Challenge SCMS edition,' dropped last Friday and has already reached 21,000 views.

Their biggest hit is 'Grade It Up' with 75,000 views and more than 1,600 shares.

The students are a little bashful about their new-found fame, and their principal Anton Anthony couldn't be more proud.

He first wrote and produced a music video for the teachers, but then he decided to get students involved by having them write and produce every video, instead.

"Once they participated in it, I can't stop now," Anthony said.

Can't stop and won't stop.

Anthony said his goal isn't to get his students to the Billboard Hot 100 but to spread a message of making sure his students don't fall flat at keeping their minds sharp.

"If you tell a child that they're smart, they're powerful, they're beautiful, they're going to believe it. So that's the message that I want them to understand that every day that they're at Sumter County Middle School that they are smart, they can achieve," he said.

It's a message he hopes becomes just as catchy as the songs.

"I don't want my kids just to be successful inside of these walls. I want my kids to be successful in life."

Anthony posts the videos to his Facebook page and to the school YouTube page.

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