List: Damage caused by Irma

Strong winds picking up in Mitchell County
Published: Sep. 11, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 11, 2017 at 6:02 PM EDT
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A crew was performing aerial repair work early Monday morning, but with conditions expected to...
A crew was performing aerial repair work early Monday morning, but with conditions expected to worsen, they've been called back down. (Source: John P. Wise/
Crews remove a fallen tree in Tifton (Source: WALB)
Crews remove a fallen tree in Tifton (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As Irma passes into Georgia, we are collecting damage reports from the counties in our coverage area, and listing them here.

Albany - Dougherty County

These traffic Lights are Out:
Slappey and 3rd
Slappey and Oglethorpe 
Oglethorpe and Cason
Gillionville and Pine
Oglethorpe and Jefferson
Oglethorpe and Davis
Broad and Slappey 
Several along Madison at 2nd, 3rd, Flint and Pine
Mock and Moultrie
North Doublegate and Burlington
500 Block West Whitney Avenue
2500 Block West Doublegate
2000 Block Dawson Road
Clark and the Bypass
Sylvester and Branch Road

Trees Down and Blocking Roadways
2500 block of East Doublegate Drive
Lynwood Lane and Greenwood Drive (limb down across road)
113 SE Rosewood (also took down power line, AFD on-scene)
Stephens/Nixon intersection (Putney)
Baldwin & Dawson Road
Hilltop Drive at Oak Glen Lane
A limb fell across the 1300 block of East First Avenue, making the street impassable.
Trees down on Nancy Drive
Mustang Road
West Doublegate, north of the Club  
Shoreham Apartments (blocking driveways)
2800 block of Duitman Road - tree down
2500 Block of Whispering Pines

Power Outages
Dawson Heights Area--approximately 300 customers affected
N. Slappey to N. Cleveland--approximately 1,700 customers affected
Electricity along County Line Road between Moultrie Road and US Hwy 82 is spotty. Several trees have lost limbs near the Spring Flats Road area.
Power outage on Duitman Road and South Mock Road
West Doublegate Area
2500 Block of Whispering Pines
East Town Subdivision East Albany. Andover Lane
Cromartie Beach
Tuxedo/Dawson Heights
100 Block of Lovers Lane Road
Huntingdon Apartments (Whispering Pines/Whitehall Ct)
Old Dawson Road/ Beattie Road
Dove Avenue/Leary Hwy
East Alberson/Wexford Dr
Cannon Avenue
The Avenues
US 19 South, Lee Village
Lonesome Road (Southwest)
Albany State
Gravel Hill Road
Block Leary Road
5000 Block Old Dawson Road
900 Block Crawford Drive wires down and power outage
200 Block Radium Springs Road (ASU Student Parking) behind Union Baptist Church wires down
Edgewood Lane Wires down/tree down
2400 Block Radium Springs Road Tree  and  power line down
2700 Block Pine Manor Lane wires down
1700 Block Turner Field Road wires down (wires arcing)
Old Dawson Road, tree fell on power lines
Colquitt Circle, tree fell on power line in the rear of this location

Wires Down
121 Heard Ave: tree / power lines down
109 Old Blaylock: tree / power lines down
1200 block S Monroe: power lines down
1106 Lee St: tree down on power line
400 Bush St: power lines down on road
1901 Queens Rd: wires down in backyard / meter snatched off wall

Coffee County

Has several downed power lines and trees crossing over major highways including Highway 135 south, Highway 441 South, and 151 South. They also have trees on structures and one collapsed farm structure. Fire officials say right now any big highway has downed trees.

Colquitt County

A downed power line is blocking traffic on US Highway 319 North, in Colquitt County. This area is between Norman Park and Omega. Norman Park Police Chief Chuck Snyder told WALB that the road is not passable, so avoid this area for the time being.

  • In Moultrie:
    • Wind gusts of 45 mph early morning until noon affected half of the city's power circuits. 
    • 1,000 residents without power, other crews are coming to Moultrie to assist with restoration, city hopes to have everyone restored by Tuesday. 
    • About 200 trees are down and crews are having difficulty removing them since some are leaning on power lines and broken utility poles, and have live wires.
    • 250 National Guard personnel arrived Sunday, they helped man local shelters and now will help with the extended curfew.
    • There have been reports of trees on homes and a car.
    • No injuries have been reported at this time.
    • City offices will reopen Tuesday at 1 p.m.

Crisp County 

A driver has crashed into a tree. The Sheriff's Office is asking citizens to be vigilant and drive with caution. They have seen multiple trees across the roadway. 

Decatur County

Faceville Highway is blocked at Old Quincy Road due to downed power lines

Lee County

Lee Co. has power lines down on Highway 19, south of Leesburg, blocking both northbound and southbound lanes.

Lowndes County

Several homes damaged by down trees. Fire officials are going to give an update on the locations of homes damaged in the storm around 8:45 a.m. They're trying to find the ones that are safe and accessible for reporters. Still dangerous to be out on the roads.

Mitchell County

A hot power line was knocked down near the Mitchell/Dougherty County line, causing a hazard for drivers. Everyone should avoid the area around US 19 and Pecan Lane, until the power line can be secured. Mitchell Co. Emergency Management said that Traffic lights were out in Baconton.

Sumter County

Sheriff Pete Smith and said they have downed power lines on highway 280.


The traffic light at 319 and U.S. 19 damaged, and numerous traffic signals are out, including Pinetree Blvd. and East Jackson Street.  Remember, if you approach an intersection with a traffic signal that is not working, you should treat it as a four-way stop. Several trees have been downed across the city, leaving about 750 residents without power due. Many businesses around Thomasville are boarded up with sandbags around the doors in anticipation of more tropical weather.

Tift County

A power pole is down just inside Colquitt County blocking all of Highway 319.
1504 Highway 82 West - Billboard over a pole
555 Vanceville County Line Road - Tree down
22nd Street & North Ridge - Tree down
Oak Street & Malcolm Street in Omega - Tree down (tree removed)
Doc Melton & Southern Avenue - Tree limb in road
Vanceville County Line Road & Baker Road - Tree down
Early Hutchinson & Upper Ty Ty Road - Tree down
183 Kell Road - Lines Down
Crescent Drive & Madison Avenue - Lines Down
8th Street & Wilson - Tree down
183 Kell Road - Lines down & pole damaged
1504 Highway 82 West - Lines down
12th & Central - Tree down
541 Tifton El Dorado Rd. - Tree down
Highway 125 at Tift/Irwin County Line - Tree down with northbound lane blocked.
186 JR Wynn Rd. - Tree down
Sumner Rd & Twilley Rd - Tree down
King & MLK Rd - Power & Phone lines down
46 Old Brookfield Rd - Lines down
Lamar & New St. - Lines down
185 Kell Rd - Tree down
Kell & Bussell Rd - Tree down
41 North - 200 yards from Chula Brookfield Rd - tree down blocking road
Davis Rd. - Tree down
Southwell Blvd.,/Tech Drive - Tree on power line

Worth County

Several trees down on Douthit Road south of Sylvester

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