Residents band together to support Sheriff Hobby

Updated: Jul. 31, 2017 at 11:49 PM EDT
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Kayla Newell (Source: WALB)
Kayla Newell (Source: WALB)
Glacey Davis, Worth County High School student (Source: WALB)
Glacey Davis, Worth County High School student (Source: WALB)
Kayla Mercer, Worth County High School student (Source: WALB)
Kayla Mercer, Worth County High School student (Source: WALB)
Homer Davis (Source: WALB)
Homer Davis (Source: WALB)

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - Dozens of Worth County residents voiced their support for Sheriff Jeff Hobby on Monday evening.

Organizers gathered as a direct response to the Sylvester-Worth NAACP petition to remove him, after a controversial drug search.

The room was packed with supporters who claimed Sheriff Hobby's drug search was being blown out of proportion.

Some also said they believe he was doing his job, searching for drugs and nothing else.

One-by-one in solidarity, supporters each stood up explaining why they back Sheriff Jeff Hobby.

"It's our children at risk for the next time something happens because he's not allowed to go into that school and do his job," explained Kayla Newell.

Newell was one of many parents who applaud Sheriff Hobby's controversial drug search at Worth County High School.

"The severity of it was thank you," said Newell.

Deputies patted down two of her kids during the search in April, and both children told her they did not believe it was intrusive.

Families of nine Worth County High School students filed a lawsuit claiming the search violated the students' Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

The suit also claimed the search was "intrusive and performed in an aggressive manner."

"I was one of those, I didn't have a problem with it," said rising Worth County High School senior Glacey Davis.

Davis explained she was uncomfortable with the search, but believes the lawsuit and petition were unnecessary.

"I knew what they were searching for and I've seen first hand that drugs need to be taken out of the high school," remarked Davis.

"All he's trying to do is keep us safe," said Worth County High School student, Kayla Mercer, echoed by students and parents in the room who said they believe Sheriff Hobby is honest and loves his community.

"I don't understand why people is putting him down for it," remarked Glacey Davis' father, Homer Davis.

These supporters pledged to support him 100 percent.

"I hope the people in the public will join in and jump on the bandwagon to save our sheriff and our children," said Newell.

The citizens supporting Sheriff Hobby tell us they plan to be vocal in hopes of clearing his name.

They plan to have another meeting in the coming weeks.

However, their movement cannot legally stop Sylvester-Worth NAACP chapter's petition for his removal or the pending federal lawsuit.

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