Albany pet owners concerned about late-night fireworks

Updated: Jul. 3, 2017 at 11:43 PM EDT
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Claire Tays (Source: WALB)
Claire Tays (Source: WALB)
Albany Mayor Pro-Tem Roger Marietta (Source: WALB)
Albany Mayor Pro-Tem Roger Marietta (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dozens of Albany residents have voiced complaints about folks shooting fireworks after the 9 p.m. curfew in recent days.

Every time this year, Claire Tays worries that more dogs in her community will go missing because their frightened by the fireworks, mainly those popped after the curfew.

The noise of dogs barking is typically okay during the daytime but at night it can disrupt a quiet community especially when it's due to fireworks.

"It's not just the dogs, it's just that it's inconsiderate for people to do these fireworks especially after the curfew," said Tays.

Tays explained every year dogs run wild in the neighborhood in fear of the thundering sound of fireworks

"We've already had some dogs that have gone missing last night because people are shooting fireworks before people are prepared to have their dogs put up," remarked Tays.

Tays said her neighbor wasn't at home, and the dog got out of the enclosed yard.

She also said medication and thunder shirts often don't help pet owners.

"Hassling and hyperventilating and keeping people awake," said Tays.

Tays pointed out her next door neighbor's dog Buddy is afraid of fireworks and often barks a lot at night.

Albany Mayor Pro-Tem Roger Marietta explained dogs are important to the community neighborhood watch.

"They're our first line of defense against criminal activity," said Marietta.

He's asking folks to be sensitive to neighbors' dogs.

"We don't want to turn people off fireworks completely but when it's disrupting neighborhood dogs, breaking loose or getting lost," remarked Marietta, then it's a community problem.

"I'd prefer to see fireworks only limited to only public venues," said Tays.

Marietta explained it's difficult to stop people shooting off fireworks and it's even more difficult for Albany Police Department to enforce it.

He also wants to reminds residents about the 4th of July concert and fireworks happening on Tuesday 5 to 10 p.m. at the Riverfront Park.

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