Trojan football team excited for new home

Trojan football team excited for new home

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - On the west end of Lee County's Trojan Field, the school's new multi purpose building is open for business and receiving rave reviews from those who will use it every day.

"It's top notch. It's collegiate level, and our kids couldn't be more excited to be in it," says head football coach Dean Fabrizio.

The 47,000 square foot facility isn't just for football, but the Trojans will certainly be taking advantage of the upgrade in digs.

There's the new weight room, filled with state of the art equipment, and indoor turf area. For the Trojans, it's all about space.

"This allows us to work out entire groups. Our entire football team is able to work out," Fabrizio says.

Speaking of space, there are more than 120 lockers fill the locker, and each one comes with a piece of technology all players will enjoy.

"Each locker has it's own USB port," Fabrizio laughs. "I think our kids are very, very excited for this, that each of them have a place to plug their phones in"

None of this will directly correlate to wins, and the Trojans know that. But they do believe it will help them take the next step toward joining the elite level of high school football.

"It's just a top level facility from top to bottom," he says. "We're very, very fortunate to have something like this in place."

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