Family to file lawsuit after ADDU excessive force claim

Family to file lawsuit after ADDU excessive force claim
Cell phone footage shows the incident
Julius Collins, attorney (Source:WALB)
Julius Collins, attorney (Source:WALB)
Llewellyn Glover Sr., Father (Source:WALB)
Llewellyn Glover Sr., Father (Source:WALB)
Arpeja Shorts, Mother (Source:WALB)
Arpeja Shorts, Mother (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The family of a twenty-year-old Albany State University student is planning to file a lawsuit, after the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit officer they said brutalized their son was recommended for firing.  

The Albany Police internal investigation report backed up most of the complaints filed against the officer accused of slamming  Llewellyn Glover Jr.

Shocking cell phone video shows ADDU officer Jamie Sutton slamming Glover to the ground during a traffic stop, minutes after his family said Glover took his phone out to Facetime a third party during the stop.

"Just so this wouldn't happen, but it still happened and from my understanding the officer knew he was on the phone," Julius Collins, Glover's attorney, said.

Glover's attorney said a lawsuit is being drafted to hold those involved accountable and his family want's the body or dash cam footage from the officer to be released by District Attorney Greg Edwards.

"We're not even allowed to see the tape," Glover's father Lleweelyn Glover Sr. said. "See what transpired, what he actually did to my son. We keep getting pushed off. I'm really upset about that. I really want to know what's going on."

Edwards said in a WALB interview last week he's not releasing the footage because there is still a minor drug possession charge against Glover.

An internal Albany Police investigation states a polygraph test showed Sutton was deceitful when describing smelling marijuana and seeing Glover swallow some.   

The internal affairs report also sustained complaints of excessive force, dishonesty, and ethics violations filed against the officer.

Glover's family said he's still in deep emotional and physical pain from the April incident.

"There's nothing I can do to ease that for him and it hurts, it hurts a whole lot," Glover's mother Arpeja Shorts said.

Something his mother said has been hard to handle, since her son once wanted to go into law enforcement.

"He wanted to be a police officer coming out of high school," Shorts said.

That's something she was worried about as a parent, for his safety as an officer.

"Lets get our mind off that because I don't want a criminal to hurt you," Shorts said. "I never thought it'd be a police officer hurting my son, my baby and that is the craziest part of all of this."

The internal affairs report conducted by the Albany Police Department does mention video of the incident.

The report's conclusion states dashcam video shows Glover was placed in a choke hold several times.

It also said images show Glover was not violent, but more so in a passive resistance state.

This report is one of the reasons Police Chief Michael Persely cites in his letter recommending Sutton be terminated.

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