Veteran gets mortgage free home, built on notes of encouragement

Veteran gets mortgage free home, built on notes of encouragement
Chad Turner (Source: WALB)
Chad Turner (Source: WALB)
The home is a gift from non-profit 'Operation Finally Home' (Source: WALB)
The home is a gift from non-profit 'Operation Finally Home' (Source: WALB)
Rusty Carroll (Source: WALB)
Rusty Carroll (Source: WALB)
Chris Brooks (Source: WALB)
Chris Brooks (Source: WALB)

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - A wounded veteran and his family are just months away from moving into their brand new Tifton home.

The house is a gift from the non-profit 'Operation Finally Home'.

On Friday, the family got their first look at the progress so far.

Much of the construction for Chad Turner and his family's future home is nearly complete.

And before the drywall went up, they got a chance to read words of inspiration left behind on the studs of what will soon be their new home.

It was a very special moment for Chad Turner and his family.

If walls could talk, what would they say?

"Thank you for your service and time," read U.S. Army Sgt. Chad Turner.

For Turner and his family, what lies beneath the walls will forever speak words of thanks and encouragement.

"Every single wall is filled with love and God's blessings," said Turner.

Notes were stapled to the studs of the Turner's future home, where they'll live mortgage free.

"Now having a mortgage free home I can focus on me, my healing, what I need to do and taking care of my family," explained Turner.

Turner served in four back-to back deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2011, Turner was attacked while on an air assault mission in Afghanistan. He now suffers from a traumatic brain injury, a degenerative disc disease and other injuries.

The home was custom built for each of his needs.

"They designed the home wide where if I did end up in a wheelchair, I could come in the front door if I wanted to or I could come in through the garage," Turner said.

Structures by Chris Brooks partnered with Operation Finally Home to build the house, along with the help of the community.

"We appreciate what our military men and women have done," explained Chris Brooks, owner of Structures by Chris Brooks. "And this is just a small way to give back."

"The community really coming together has really provided hope that he and Jennifer have not been able to see in a really long time," said Executive Director of Operation Finally Home Rusty Carroll.

And now, that's hope that Turner will feel every day.

"Truly, truly amazing that now I ain't got nothing to worry about," Turner said. "I can just come home and relax, de-stress and focus on the family."

Turner and his family will move into the home in the next few months.

Operation Finally Home will continue to work with the family to offer them the support they need.

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