Dawson identifies more suspects in 'girl fight'

Dawson identifies more suspects in 'girl fight'
(Source: Terrell Co. Sheriff)
(Source: Terrell Co. Sheriff)
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(Source: Facebook)
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DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Several more people are facing charges following the arrest of three Albany teens after a fight in Dawson on Sunday.

On Wednesday afternoon, the City of Dawson released a list of 27 more people they intend to charge in the melee at the old Carver School, now the parking lot of the Terrell County Board of Education.

Police add that the community should expect more charges to be filed.

Officers say they want to send a message that the behavior will not be tolerated.

"I hope the parents can see the route we're trying to take with this. Maybe, the lesson will be learned and they can try and help us by bringing their children who were involved. So, we can get them processed as quickly as possible," said Maj. Frank Thornton, Dawson Police Department.

Here is the list from the City of Dawson:

Calnekeia Simmons – Dawson, GA

Kelmardaoi Johnson – Dawson, GA

Zykilria Arlexus Hunter – Albany, GA (Arrested)

Ladaisha Deiondra Loud – Albany, GA (Arrested)

Nygeria Hunter – Albany, GA (Arrested)

Laquecious Taylor – Albany, GA

Sheryta Taylor – Albany, GA

Shamequeonna Peterson – Dawson, GA

Shalexia Tierra Reese – Dawson, GA

Monshare Hallback – Dawson, GA

Tambournesha Kiara Gee – Albany, GA

Miketavious A. Hallback – Dawson, GA

Fredrick Hallback – Dawson, GA

Hope Simone Ponder – Dawson, GA

Shaneka Latrice Lumpkin – Dawson, GA

Robert Perry – Dawson, GA

Kiara Perry – Dawson, GA

Gail Hallback – Dawson, GA

Richard Lee Jones – Dawson, GA

Shareka McDaniel – Dawson, GA

Ceddravious K. Robinson – Dawson, GA

Jameie McDaniel – Dawson, GA

Jamyia McDaniel – Dawson, GA

Adriane Harris – Dawson, GA

Lashontiara Jones – Dawson, GA

Cristal Thomas – Dawson, GA

Antonio Jerome Bell, Jr. – Dawson, GA

Abraheem Daniel – Dawson, GA

Ron'nesha D'undrell Walker – Albany, GA

Jatayveon Kimbrough – Dawson, GA

They will be charged with affray, criminal trespass, and/or obstruction of law enforcement officers, the city says.

Authorities have told WALB that they don't know what caused the fight.

If you have any information about the incident that could aid the investigation, you're asked to call the Dawson Police Department.

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