DCSS investigates artist school visit after students appear in online video

DCSS investigates artist school visit after students appear in online video

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - A video posted to social media by an artist named Rod Da God has prompted the Dougherty County School System to start an investigation.

According to some other Instagram posts, the artist visited Radium Springs Middle School, Robert Cross Middle School, Westover High School and Monroe High School on Wednesday.

The video, captioned #RobertCross Middle School Was Extra Lit," shows what appears to be students singing along to the artist's song "Fairytale."

The video was posted on May 24th, by rapper Rod Da God, whose real name is Jerrod Thompson.

We have chosen not to share the video because it contains explicit language and shows the faces of minors.

A spokesperson for the school system released the following statement:

"The system is aware of the concerns of parents that have been posting on social media about the performance at several of our schools this week. We are monitoring and investigating to determine what action may be necessary." – J.D. Sumner.

Rod Da God's manager, Sheridan Hardwick of Albany, said the visit was to inspire the students.

"A positive message to all of the kids. That's a big thing when our audience comes to a school or a facility or a place where they can talk to the kids about staying in school and all these different things because that's what Rod does," explained Hardwick.

Hardwick added that the Rod Da God was in Dougherty County to promote a song about graduation and that all performances he does at schools are clean.

Rod Da God posted on Instagram letting his followers know he was making a stop in Albany and asked which schools to visit. He then reached out the the principals of those schools for permission to visit.

He stated that he's been giving talks with students about positive messages and motivation. He's also performing his song "Graduation Anthem" during the visits.

When asked about the video at Robert Cross Middle, he stated that he never performs unedited versions of his songs with explicit language.

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