Albany resident speaks out after chicken attack

Chickens are creating problems for some residents (Source:WALB)
Chickens are creating problems for some residents (Source:WALB)
Updated: May. 23, 2017 at 1:17 AM EDT
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Brenda Bedell, resident (Source:WALB)
Brenda Bedell, resident (Source:WALB)

Aggressive roaming chickens are creating an issue for Albany residents.

Resident Brenda Bedell said the chickens have attacked her and destroyed her yard.

So, she's set up a last line of defense in the form of plastic owls.

"They come up in the yard and just start digging up right around them," Bedell said, about the owls.

The mock birds have been put in place to scare real ones, roaming chickens Bedell said have gotten aggressive.

"I saw something flying low in the sky," Bedell said. "I looked up and I didn't know what it was, but I ran to the grass and fell on the ground and covered my head. So, the chicken wouldn't spur me."

Bedell said she's been living with the nuisance for about a year.
The birds, which hop and fly between yards near her West Oglethorpe home, have even left her dog bloody and scared.
"I'm a law-abiding citizen and I have a fenced-in yard," Bedell said. "So, my dog should be able to run as free as he likes."

Bedell has reached out to animal control and the city government. Law enforcement officials said the city is considered a bird sanctuary.
Code states its unlawful for someone to hunt, trap, shoot or bother wild birds and fowl. It's also illegal to own domesticated fowl close to homes and some other buildings.

So, if the birds aren't claimed, they can deemed as wild, but then can't be disturbed.

"I feel bad because when I go outside they fly every which way and I'm afraid that they are going to spur me," Bedell said.

A foul situation, Bedell wants no part of.

Law enforcement said, If you have problems like this, to contact the animal control department and file a report.

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