History behind 'That's Adel Baby!' slogan

History behind 'That's Adel Baby!' slogan

ADEL, GA (WALB) - Whether you're in South Georgia, North Georgia, or even neighboring states there's one thing that comes to peoples minds when they hear of Cook County, "THAT'S ADEL BABY".

A phrase that was originally started in a Cook County Ford commercial quickly took off to become an unofficial slogan for the town.

Dealership employees said it was thought during a commercial shoot in the late 80's

"We just started using 'That's Adel baby' on everything we do. It's amazing how often you go different places and you tell them where you're from and that's the first thing they say oh, 'That's Adel baby!," said Kirk Hand, Dealer.

Hand said that many folks who opt to do customer testimonials always end the commercial shoot excited to say the now very popular phrase.

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