Mitchell Co. man upset over neighborhood odor

The smell has invaded Sapp's neighborhood (Source:WALB)
The smell has invaded Sapp's neighborhood (Source:WALB)
Updated: Feb. 22, 2017 at 11:58 PM EST
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Sapp wants action taken (Source:WALB)
Sapp wants action taken (Source:WALB)
Alvin Sapp, resident (Source:WALB)
Alvin Sapp, resident (Source:WALB)

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - A foul odor has forced one Mitchell County man into action.

Alvin Sapp says chicken waste is causing a stink in his neighborhood, and he wants county leaders to help by establishing a dump to handle the waste.

Colors of the sunset paint the sky over his home, and a symphony of South Georgia critters peep in the backdrop.

It's picturesque, but Sapp said this beauty is interrupted almost daily.

"You really can't explain it," Sapp said. "It just takes your breath away when you're smelling chicken litter. I'm raised up in the country and I know what chicken litter smells like."

Sapp said for several years people have been dumping waste near his neighborhood.

"My well is less than a hundred feet from where they are dumping it," Sapp said.

He says he called his county commissioner who said not much can be done about the practice.

The litter is often used as a fertilizer.

Sapp said he wants the county to find a way for those looking to get rid of it, but who can't bring it to the landfill, to dispose of the waste, without assaulting his nostrils.

"I just want some kind of relief down here with the commissioner to do something about the foul smell," Sapp said. "We're paying taxes like everyone else down here."

Sapp said he wants to look at how the area is zoned and work with others in his neighborhood to fix the problem…

So, then, he can watch the sunset from his front porch, without holding his breath.

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